New Rental Items for 2014


Some of the new rental items for 2014 include a Blodgett Convection Oven, Heated Transport Cabinets, Inflatable Princess Slide/Moonbounce Combo, Inflatable Racing Fun Slide/Moonbounce Combo, Natural Wooden Chairs with padded seats, New Linens, and Much More!


The Newbie’s Guide to Planning a Party in Biddeford

Party Plus Tent & Event RentalsHow to plan a party in Biddeford if you’ve never done it before.

There’s always a first time for everything, including party planning. Some people are born to be cruise directors and party planners, and others come to it when the need arises. So if you’re a newbie, take notes. Here is your guide to planning a party in Biddeford.

Think About the Money, Honey

Determine your budget! It cannot be said enough. If you’re planning a party in Biddeford, or anywhere for that matter, you must set a budget first. It’s what will guide you in the process in everything from venue selection to picking the right place settings and tables.

I See a Theme Here

Pick a theme for your party in Biddeford. If it’s a child’s birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary, you can choose a theme to compliment the celebration. Everything from games or music, lighting and centerpieces, colors and linens can help you create the event you imagine.

Food, Glorious Food

What kind of party are you having in Biddeford? Is it casual or formal? And how many people are you inviting? What time of day is your party planned for? These are questions that will help you determine the type of food you should serve at your event. Whether it’s a formal brunch, a casual picnic, a carnival or a wedding, the right food will set the tone.

When you’re a party planning rookie it can often seem overwhelming to break it down to the details. But with a little (or a lot of!) help from an expert, you can throw the party in Biddeford that will meet your expectations and take the stress out and leave the fun in. Call Party Plus today and talk to a specialist to help you plan the perfect party. (207) 283-8009

The Latest and Greatest Products Available in Event Rentals in Maine

Party Plus Tent & Event RentalsThe surprising list of party essentials available from event rentals in Maine.

When you’re planning a party and you’re choosing your theme or your colors or your location, it’s common to start wondering if you can even find the right elements to compliment your overall plan. What about chandeliers? Who will have the right food equipment? Realizing your vision can be easy with the right rentals. And with all the new party stuff out there, it’s good to have an idea of the latest and greatest products available in event rentals in Maine.

Chairs and Seating and Dancing, Oh My!

Summer is the perfect time for going natural and feeling outdoorsy. One new and popular way to do this is with natural wood. Event rentals in Maine is the place to find barn wood dance floors. This makes your event feel like a summer barn dance. Using natural wood chairs is another way to bring the outdoors in. Skip the painted seating and go for the wood.

Jump. Bounce. Slide.

Princesses are all the rage these days, especially for kids’ birthday party themes. If you’re worried about a party living up to the dream, rest assured that event rentals in Maine can often include princess inflatables and slides, as well as a variety of moon bounce houses and castles.

Playing the Game?

Along with the standard carnival games that are hugely popular at any event, one of the latest offerings in event rentals in Maine is mini golf. You don’t need to head to the latest fun park, you can bring the fun right to your party. Be Tiger Woods for a day and impress your friends with your mad mini golf skills.

When you’re looking at event rentals in Maine look no further than Party Plus. Check out everything you need for your party here

The Most Popular Party Themes for Events in Maine

Party Plus Tent & Event RentalsPicking a theme for your events in Maine.

Throwing a party? Trying to choose the right theme for your event in Maine? There are some good ones! Here are some of the most popular party themes for events in Maine this spring and summer.

You Oughta Be in Pictures!

Everyone loves the movies! And summer is the time for big blockbusters. So if you’re planning an event in Maine, a movie theme might be just the ticket. Guests can dress as their favorite characters, you can serve food that is inspired by one film or by a film genre, or even just from your favorite films. Pasta for an Italian inspired film, like the Godfather, perhaps milkshakes if you’re celebrating Pulp Fiction. Choosing a signature cocktail based on movie themes or titles, or even characters, is a great way to celebrate the cinema at a summer event in Maine.

Step Right Up! Everyone’s a Winner!

Have you ever been to an event in Maine with a carnival theme? They’re popular, and for good reason. Carnival themed parties are fun for everyone, young and old. Providing carnival games with inflatables and carnival food, like snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy will put everyone in a festive mood

It’s Just a Formality

Formal parties are always in style, even in the summer at events in Maine. Cocktails and dancing, champagne and chandeliers, all cast their spell to create a formal and elegant atmosphere for your cocktail party. The right lighting, the perfect food, and even a live band set the stage for your guests at your formal Maine event.

Now that you’ve picked your party theme, what next? Don’t let the details get you down. Look to Party Plus for all your party needs. From tents to linens, popcorn machines to inflatables, Party Plus is your one-stop-shop for the essentials for any event in Maine. Contact us today for a quote.

Learn about tent installation in New Hampshire

What you need to know about tent installation from the pros at event rentals in New Hampshire.

If you’re having a party this spring or summer, and you’re having it outdoors, you might be considering a tent. Tents are a great option for outdoor parties. They let you feel the outdoor air, but offer protection from the elements, all while creating a magical outdoor space. Here’s what the pros at event rentals in New Hampshire can tell you about tent installation.


When you have decided on the site or venue for your party and you know where your tent will go, event rental companies in New Hampshire have a few pointers for preparing the site for the tent installation.

Mow the lawn or grass
Remove or move bushes and trees that will be in the way of the tent
Mark the locations of sprinkler heads and power lines before the delivery date
Asphalt installation requires pre-marking of underground lines


When event rentals in New Hampshire deliver your tent for installation be sure the location for the tent is close to where the truck will drop off the tent, usually within 50 feet. Most event rentals in New Hampshire will charge an additional fee if they have to carry the tent from the truck drop off location. Have the space the truck will need to back in cleared and free from other cars and things that can block access. And most importantly, have someone available to show the event rental company the correct placement for the tent.

A party in a tent is a wonderful thing! To make your tent installation process the best it can be, heed the advice of event rentals in New Hampshire and your tent installation should go off without a hitch.

For more information on tent rentals, and everything else you need for your party, contact Party Plus Maine today.

Find out how to get the biggest bang for your buck when planning your party in New Hampshire

Getting the most out of the budget for your party in New Hampshire.

Parties are fun! Parties are exciting! Parties are expensive! Hmmm. That takes the wind out of your party sails, huh? Well parties do cost money, but if you build the right budget, you can actually get a lot without creating more stress over the party than fun. There are a few things to keep in mind when budgeting for your party in New Hampshire that will help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

It’s About the Money, Honey

Before you begin to start pricing the various costs associated with an event or party, take a look at how much you are actually willing to spend on the party. This will help guide you as you plan your party in New Hampshire so you will have a better idea of what you can spend where.

What Does a Party Really Need?

Here is a general list of some of the bigger categories to consider when planning for your party in New Hampshire.

Service providers

Bang for Your Buck!

When you have a party in New Hampshire that you’re planning, a lot of things go on the budget list, and it can add up. One of the best ways to get the biggest bang for your budgeting buck is through event rentals. Imagine having to purchase everything you need to provide for your guests. Event rentals have all of the supplies you need from tables and chairs to china and silverware, dance floors and lighting to entertainment and food preparation equipment. It can save you an enormous amount of money to rent what you need. Event rental companies for your party in New Hampshire will deliver what you need and pick it up after your party. Less work, and less money spent by you!

Call Party Plus Maine today and talk to a specialist to help you plan the perfect party while staying in your budget. (207) 283-8009